Over the course of the past year, we’ve been hard at work nurturing our brand and assisting our dealers as they assist their customers. Here’s a quick glimpse into a year of doing just that, into the past 365 days of spa manufacturing.

Changing Spaces

During this past summer, we moved to a new warehouse location at 588 E. 40th St. in Holland, MI. This move is exciting, especially for one especially significant reason: this change in venue will enable us to set up a factory showroom in the coming year, and opportunity to make the Passion Spas brand tactile and tangible for anyone interested in encountering quality with a hands-on approach – dealers and customers alike.

On the Road Again

Passion Spas representatives put in an appearance at multiple industry trade shows across the country and around the world, promoting our exceptional brand, aiming to make it a recognized, accepted, and respected name in the world of spa making. We’ve got a great product with some of the most standard features available at an exceptional value, and we’re happy when people recognize it as such.

Adding to the Lineup

Speaking of trade shows, these venues offered us an opportunity to display our three new 2016 models – the Felicity, the Desire, and the Repose. Every year is an opportunity to grow, develop, expand, and enhance what’s already in place. We strive to serve up options that please customers in many different ways, and we’re optimistic that we will continue doing so into the New Year.


If you’d like to learn more about Passion Spas or would like us to point out a dealer in your area, give us a call at 855.355.3088 or shoot us an e-mail to Info@PassionSpasUSA.com.