It is often observed that tough circumstances reveal the quality of one's character. In recent months, Passion Spas Europe has had the opportunity to demonstrate their resilience and resolve after a massive fire destroyed a significant portion of their facility in the Netherlands this past summer.

This spirit of persistence and optimism received recognition at the Birmingham Hot Tub Living Expo during the 2016 UK Pool & Spa Awards this past fall. Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies distributed the awards, and Christian Connor, editor of Pool and Spa Scene, remarked upon Passion Spas' courage and resilience.

After the fire, Passion Spas was able to immediately transition to a new facility and keep the business rolling, resulting in very little inconvenience for dealers. The challenges they've faced this year make it all the more remarkable that Passion Spas' UK and European dealers are realizing a record sales year!

It is good to know that hard work and dedication to craft do not go unnoticed, and we are proud of our European partners.