Health you can feel

“Regular soaking in warm water, whether it is a bath, natural hot spring, or portable spa/hot tub, shouldn’t be considered an extravagance…. The benefits are broad, and the science is exciting.”
               ~ “Hot Water and Healthy Living” by Dr. Jonathan B. Smith

As a spa dealer professional, what are you selling?  You’re probably aware that you’re not just marketing a hot tub, but you’re also selling its benefits – the way it makes your customers feel and the ideas and thoughts they associate with your products.

A 2013 article in Aqua Magazine pointed out that the benefits dealers most often use to sell their spas reference the luxury of the product, but, the authors argue, while this is an excellent area to focus on, there’s another significant point that dealers often neglect: the health benefits of hydrotherapy.

If you put a little research into the health benefits behind soaking in water, right from the start you’ll begin to amass a pretty substantial list.  This list may include:

  • Muscle and joint pain relief for those suffering from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.


  • Improved blood circulation.


  • Better sleep.


  • Better breathing.


  • Psychological benefits and an improved mood.


  • Healed injuries.


  • Stronger heart.


  • Reduced stress.


  • Improved flexibility.


Chances are most, if not all, of your customers could appreciate at least one or more of these benefits.  Are you passing along information that could improve their quality of life?

And one more question: do the spas you sell appropriately complement a healthy, healing lifestyle?

For example, do they come with a wide array of unique massage options that were developed in close cooperation with physiotherapists?  Are they equipped with a multifaceted water purification system that combines ozone and UV sanitization technologies to keep the water crystal clear, nurturing health instead of bacteria?  And would you be able to offer your products at a price that doesn’t exclude those who might need them the most?

If you’re selling luxury, Passion Spas will certainly deliver spas that excite and thrill the senses, but that’s not all you’ll have to market on your showroom floor.  Don’t just provide your customers with a hot tub.  Make them aware of the health and wellness that begins and end with a good long soak.

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