Because they're a best-of-both-worlds product that combine the interactivity of a swimming pool with the deep relaxation of a Happyhot tub, swim spas may become a huge segment of the spa industry.

As a dealer, that may put you at the start of an exciting new trend that's going to change the shape of home and backyard recreation. Help your customers understand the numerous and multi-faceted benefits of owning a swim spa with this short list of talking points:

  • They're compact. Swim spas are great for tight, narrow spaces.
  • They're easy to install. A simple installation keeps the yard looking good, allows people to get on with their day, and gets them into the water sooner. This also means that they can take the spa with them when they move!
  • They provide an endless workout. Powerful, adjustable swim jets keep the swimmer in place for an uniterrupted workout.
  • They conserve energy. By using less water, they're able to generate and maintain heat with noticeable efficiency.
  • They're maintenance-friendly. Their smaller size means that they can be completely enclosed by a high-quality cover when not in use, keeping the water clean.
  • They're safe. They tend to be installed above ground, and an exceptional walk-on cover provides additional peace of mind.
  • They serve multiple purposes. Many swim spas come with dual zones - a swim section and a spa section - that can be heated independently of one another.

As people continue noticing the immense health benefits associated with hot tubs and swimming pools, swim spas are a natural next step toward total fitness, and it's easy added business for your store.

If you're convinced that swim spas can help expand your business, you may want to check out Passion Spas' complete Sport Collection. To learn more, feel free to contact Jane Grady at 855.355.3088 or e-mail