Nearly 40 dealers, service technicians, and sales reps took advantage of our latest Factory Days event hosted on Tuesday, March 31 at our Holland, Michigan, factory location – an exciting turnout of spa industry representatives from across the state and beyond.

Factory Days is a face-to-face, hands-on opportunity for dealers and their staff to learn more about some of the finer points of Passion Spas.  Sure, we could send out flyers and forms to interested parties (and we do for anyone who wants them) but there was also a recognized need for the tangible, for the personal encounter.  So that’s where Factory Days comes into play.

After coffee and some brief socializing on the factory floor, Joe Tompkins from Balboa Water Group kicked things off by walking everyone through the proper installation and operation of their products.  He covered a good range of topics including spa elements and panels, M7 technology, filter cycles, operation modes, and safety messages.  Holland, Michigan, is not Joe’s local stomping grounds, so we were more than grateful that he’d take Providing ease for dealers and customersthe time to get himself over here and join us.

We were pleased to provide our guests with a catered spread for lunch, an expression of appreciation for the miles and hours some of them spent getting here.  After lunch, Passion Spas USA representative Rick Mouw took the floor for the sales portion of the afternoon, walking through specific strategies and features to help spa sales reps optimize their Passion Spas selling stories.  He hit upon several key points in quick succession:

  • Passion Spas is growing.  It is one of the largest (if not the largest) spa brands in Europe, and in the States, things are moving along quickly, catching up.  Not only that, but the brand’s sense of design is also constantly evolving, providing a sense of freshness and a reputation for what’s exciting and attention-getting.


  • Passion Spas is focused. On value and features.  As Rick put it, Passion Spas is committed to getting people the most spa for the money they pay.  Some brands focus only on value which means tired designs and subpar quality.  Others will manufacture spas with noteworthy features but then keep tacking on a discouraging amount of surcharges.  Passion Spas wants their customers to be satisfied – satisfied with how much money is left over in their wallets and with how far the money they spent was able to go.


  • Passion Spas has a story.  A story of design, therapy, water purity, environmental friendliness, engineering, and customer protection. Our spas speak for themselves, which is why we don’t set a whole list of requirements for dealers to meet.  Instead, we encourage them to simply give us a try – one spa might be all it takes.

Factory Days is a show-and-tell experience, so once Rick had wrapped up his overview of the Passion Spas sales narrative, Jeff Mouw, Passion Spas’ head technician, took over on the factory floor.  He opened up one of the spas to show everyone how easy it is to locate everything in the event that one of the spas requires more extensive maintenance.  He also spent some time addressing common concerns and questions while everyone had an opportunity to walk around and peruse some of the latest 2015 models.

The last order of the day was some down time at the widely acclaimed New Holland Brewery on 8th Street.  It’s good putting names to faces, building connections and establishing trust.  If you are thinking that maybe you missed out this time, please know that we’d love to see you next time around.  If you don’t want to wait that long, you can give us a call at our toll- free number: 855-355-3088.  Or contact Jane Grady at to learn more.