What’s the most perfect moment you’ve ever experienced? Would you describe it as a moment of connectedness, luxury, romance, tranquility, creativity, playfulness? Whatever mood or setting most promotes your sense of wellbeing, a Passion Spa is a perfect complement.

Our Complete Collection features 7 or 8-person options like the Joy or the Theater Spas, great for getting the whole gang together for a fun and lively hot tub party. With everyone feeling lose and relaxed, engaging conversation is sure to follow.

On the other hand, we also offer the 2-person Bliss or the 3-person Renew for a more intimate, one-on-one setting. These are fantastic options for the calm, introspective individual, providing a private escape for thinking and meditation.

Passion Spas also boasts a complete lineup of Fitness Spas for the serious athlete inside us all. Powerful jets provide a continuous workout, and our spas’ Current Lift capabilities adjust intensity to provide a tailored experience.

And because all work and no play is entirely dull, we feature several fitness spa options with dual zone heating, having a heated spa section separate from a more moderately-heated swim lane.

Passion Spas is proud to offer an impressively wide range of hot tub options, from our simply satisfying entry level spas to our fully featured luxury options.

So nurture that connected, luxurious, romantic, tranquil, creative, playful side and promote moments of fun and fitness, health and wellness with an exceptionally-made hot tub from Passion Spas. To learn more or to find a dealer near you, call 888.355.3050 or e-mail info@passionsspasusa.com.