It’s a big world out there, but one thing we all have in common is water.

If you think long enough (and some of us won’t have to think very long at all), you may find that at least one of your favorite memories has something to do with being in or around water. Maybe it was skidding across the surface of a lake on an inflated plastic tube being pulled behind a speed boat, or maybe it was hunting for seashells along a beach, or maybe it was summer afternoons at the local public pool. If so, you’re not alone.

“Blue spaces” have played varied and significant roles across the globe and throughout history, which explains why the UNESCO World Heritage List includes places like the Rideau Canal in Canada, the Lakes of Ounianga in Chad, the Dujiangyan Irrigation System in China, the Geirangerfjord and the Nӕrøyfjord in Norway, and the City of Bath in the UK. Natural or man-made, water-centric locales are a global-constant.

In fact, in 2012, scientists from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) published their findings that the closer people lived to the coast, the healthier they were – maybe because activities near or in the water helped relieve stress and got them up and moving more.

The study deals specifically with the effect of living closer to the coast, but it also would make sense that we're also naturally drawn to places like rivers, lakes, pools, and hot tubs, and it’s good for us.

Behind every Passion Spas design is a foundation of health and wellness, the result of having invested so much time and creativity and so many resources into developing an impressive range of massage and therapy options.

There’s our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage that uses specially designed recesses in the spa shell to push water up the back, working muscles as it goes.

Then there’s the Intense Therapy Zone that provides a concentrated, penetrating massage to the lower regions of the back, and the intensity of the pressure can be adjusted and customized to meet individual needs.

Some of our models also offer a Therapy Wave Zone, a massage that starts at the lower back and slowly works its way up to the shoulders and neck. The sensation mimics a cushioned rolling pin running up and down the back, soothing muscles along the way.

There’s also the Waterfall Massage, a continuous stream of cascading, warm water falling gently on the neck and shoulders, relaxing the upper back and neck muscles.

And finally, in some of our spas we offer the most innovative spa massage feature available in the industry: the Levitation Bed. The Levitation Bed creates a floating sensation because the body is completely enveloped in a soothing massage that can be adjusted for intensity and effect. An individual can lie either face down or face up, receiving a full head-to-toe massage.

To assist spa sales reps with their selling stories, 2015 Passion Spa models come with color coded jets, and removable stickers are available free of charge. Passions Spas come with so many standard features that it’s helpful and smart to have these visual reminders during a sales presentation.

To learn more about Passion Spas and the vast potential for health and wellness behind each of our hot tubs, give us a call at 855.355.3088 or e-mail