Spirit Swim Spa by Passion SpasWelcome to Spring!

Warmer weather means that business is about to get really busy for spa professionals. Do you feel ready?

Perhaps you've noticed (as we have) that swim spas are becoming increasingly popular. After all, they do provide the best of both worlds - a place of relaxation and fitness bundled into one affordable option.

Take the Spirit Swim Spa, for example. It's one of Passion Spas' newest additions to our Sport Collection, and it...

  • Comes in Standard (50") and Deep (60") models,
  • Has a spa section with 2 seats and 1 lounger,
  • Has Dual Zone temperature control - allows spa section to heat separately from swim area,
  • Contains 60 massage jets, 4 turbo swim jets, and 2 floor swim jets,
  • Has a complete lineup of all therapy and massage options unique to Passion Spas,
  • And includes Current-lift technology that can control a swimmer's buoyancy!

In other words, whoever you are, however young or old, a swim spa, like the Spirit, has something to offer.

The Spirit is just one option from our fully-featured lineup of fitness spas, and we know you might want to try just one to start out with.  No problem.

If you want to learn more about the Spirit or one of our other models, you'd probably want to talk to our very own Jane Grady, someone with decades of experience in the spa industry.  You can reach her a couple different ways:

  1. Call: 855-355-3088
  2. E-mail: info@passionspasusa.com  

Spring is here; it's time to get ready for your peak selling season, and we're here to help!

Passion Spas also has a complete collection of personal spas noted for their tempting design, satisfying value, and standard features.