The Aqua Rolling massage is the result of close collaboration between experts in both the spa industry and the physical wellness field.

Passion Spas offers the most innovative spa massage features ever developed, including the Aqua Rolling Massage. Aqua Rolling Massage is proprietary to Passion Spas and was designed in close cooperation with physiotherapists. The function of the Aqua Rolling Massage is similar to the powerful strokes of a massage therapists, starting at the lower back and working its way up to the neck.

Our goal wasn't simply to replicate this massage motion but also to make it better. To make this happen, we designed a special spa shell with a recess to direct the Aqua Rolling Massage streeam up the back. The Aqua Rolling Massage provides a very strong massage stream.

The great advantage of having this massage feature implemented in a home spa: deeply renewing massage therapy available 24 hours a day, no appointment necessary! We know you'll love it.