Intense Therapy Zone stickerPassion Spas is second to none in developing massage therapy features for our home spas.

Take our Intense Therapy Zone for example. This feature creates a concentrated massage that targets the body's lumbar region, providing relief and relaxation to the lower back.

Here's how it works:

It uses clusters of 3" rotational jets to deliver a strong massage to the interior lumbar muscles. With the twist of a valve, the force of an entire pump can be diverted to the Intense Therapy Zone, providing both an effective rotation and intensity.

The benefits of the Intense Therapy Zone are:

  • Improved blood circulation, which helps sore lower back muscles recover from physical activity.
  • Relaxed lumbar region muscles, which improves range of motion and flexibility.
  • Increased endorphin levels, which leaves one feeling good and refreshed.

The Intense Therapy Zone is proprietary to Passion Spas, easily identified by its orage color-coded jets. All Exclusive Collection spas have this feature.